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ET 300 Panel

ET 300 Panel

  • Compliance to Standards
    EN 81/1-2 + A3
  • Control Type
    Simple Control One-way picking Two-way picking
  • Elevator Speed
    1,6 m/s
  • Serial Communication
    With Cabin
  • Automatic Door Control
    Single Door, Double Door
  • Display Outputs
    7 Segments, Gray/Binary Code LCD Output
  • Number of Stops
    24 Stops
  • Drive Type
    Double Speed, Hydraulic, VVVF
  • Group Control
  • Cabin Position Information
    Magnetic Switches
  • Door Bridging
  • Language Options
    Turkish, English, Russian, Dutch, Romanian, German, Italian

Advantages of Using the ET 300 Panel System

  • Series Cabinet Installation
    System Supports by Floors
    RK22 revision box support up to 16 stops and serial cabinet installation Addition of 1 FX_SERI_32 card on 16 stops and RK32 revision box support and serial cabinet installation
  • Door Control
    Door Control
    Any kind of automatic door control
  • Bringer to Floor
    With integrated AKUS-SD bringer to floor in the panel
  • Safety Circuit Connections
    Connection for safety circuit by KBK-5 card
  • Parallel cabinet installation up to 16 stops
  • Parallel floor installation
  • Dual auto door control with 2 Auto_Kg card additions
  • Emergency lowering system (for hydraulic elevators) with ARL-SARJ card and 2 12V battery additions
  • Opening the door early and renewing the open door level