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Machine Motor Gearless

Maximum static load: 6000 kg
Maximum gearless weight: 713 kg
Supply voltage: 360V
The SG70220A gearless model has been specifically developed for lifting applications in 2:1with load capacity starting from 1600kg.

Technical Features

  • Pulleys, with diameter equal or higher than 320mm, are made in spheroidal cast iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN with hardness over 250 HB.
  • Range of Italian-built motors, protection class F and IP21 insulation; forced ventilation by means of air fan as option equipment, mainly suggested in high duty cycle applications (F version)
  • High motor efficiency which enables direct torque generation, eliminating the need of mechanical reduction. Increase efficiency of the machine and reduction in energy consumption, are granted;
  • Vibration-free operation and noise levels (within the VDI 2566 range)<60 dB;
  • Certified brakes granting maximum reliability and can be used to prevent uncontrolled upward movements;
  • The wide range of motors and pulleys enables the user, with the aid of our internal configurator, to select the most compact machine with the lowest levels of energy consumption;
  • Quick adjustment and setting (by means of the autotuning function) thanks to SICORVERT drives or other main brands.