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Machine Motor Gear

Maximum static load: 3300 kg
Reduction ratio: 1/74; 1/65; 1/58; 1/52; 1/49; 1/45; 2/53; 2/71; 3/47
Gear weight: 250 kg
Oil capacity: 4.8 l (Shell Omala S4 WE)
Power range VVVF: 2.6 – 10 kW 50/60 Hz
Power range AC2: 3 – 7.4 kW 50/60 Hz

A machine designed for lift systems with a capacity of 6 to 8 persons, with a flexible range of applications, of between 630 and 850 kg. The compact design allows for ease of installation in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Technical Features

  • a motor which can be dismantled, AC2 or VVVF, for ease of maintenance;
  • aluminium motor casing, to facilitate efficient cooling and reduce the weight of the machine;
  • multiple cooling fans for even air circulation and greater reliability;
  • removable pulley system, for ease of transport and installation, built in spheroidal cast iron with a minimum hardness of 250 HB, which will not need to be replaced over time;
  • provisions in place for the incorporation of a SSB (Slow Shaft Brake) on a slow shaft which is fully compliant with EN 81-80:2004 regulations point 5.9.4, a device which prevents excessive speed during the ascent of the cabin and uncontrolled movements while the doors are open, EN 81.1 and A3;
  • greater silence, under 60dBA VDI;
  • electromagnetic braking system with exceptional electric and mechanical features