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ET 500 Panel

ET 500 Panel

  • Compliance to Standards
    En 81/1-2+A3
  • Control Type
    Single Button Pickup Double Button Pickup
  • Elevator Speed (Maximum)
    2,5 m/s
  • Serial Communication
    With Floor and Cabin
  • Automatic Door Control
    Single Door Double Door
  • Display Outputs
    7 Segments Gray / Binary Code LCD Display
  • Number of Stops
    48 Stops
  • Drive Type
    Double Speed, Hydraulic, VVVF
  • Group Control
  • Cabin Position Information
    Magnetic Switches Encoder System
  • Door Bridging
  • Language Options
    Turkish, English, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, French, Italian

Advantages of Using the ET 500 Panel System

  • Door Control
    Door Control
    Any kind of automatic door control 1 piece of door control inputs and outputs in the revision box, 2 in the control panel Early opening of door and door open level renewal by door bridge circuit on the control card
  • Motor-Phase Protection
    Protection Systems
    Ready inputs / outputs on the control board and motor protection Leakage current protected cabin and well feed fuses Special connections for safety circuits in the control panel, revision box and downhole box Well lighting control with pulse current switch (with buttons from the top of the cabinet and from the bottom of the well)
  • Door control independent of stops with double door support
  • Serial cabinet communication via CANbus line
  • One-to-one connection with the plug-in flat cable between the control panel and the revision box
  • Plug-and-play connection between cabinet operation panel and revision box with plug-in single cable
  • Serial communication via CANbus line
  • Well CANbus line extending along the whole well, with plug cables from floor to floor
  • Plug-in connection with plug-in cable attached to the CANbus line for each floor well for floor control panel
  • Door contact installation extending along the whole well, with plug cables from floor to floor
  • Connection with plug-in cables for floor-to-door contact installation for floor door plug- lock contacts
  • Plug-in connection with downhole box via single cable
  • Integrated AKUS-SD chip in the panel
  • Emergency lowering system (for hydraulic elevators) with ARL-SARJ card and 2 12V battery additions
  • Special test function for testing cabinet and floor panel connections
  • Controlling the ARL-500 board and ADrive speed controller from any point with a hand-held terminal connected to the CANbus line
  • Emergency alarm siren (with buttons on the cabinet and on the bottom of the well)